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How do you afford to travel?

Where do you book your flights?

Do you have any Hotel or AirBnB recommendations?

What’s the best day to book a flight?

Where is the destination to travel for: Solo travel, Family travel, Friends travel, Weekend Getaway, Bachelorette events,  Rest & Relaxation, Adventure, Culture, Honeymoon, Volunteer, Celebrity and much more?

How can I teach English Abroad? (I taught in Italy and Australia)

Do I need a visa to visit a particular country?



Ask Jeannette

What are some of the most romantic places you’ve visited? I’ve been thinking more and more about officially settling down with my girlfriend sometime in the next year or so. That means the moment has come in this guy’s life where I’ve been thinking about how to say it and, where you and this question comes in, where to say it. What are your thoughts?

Zac M.

Los Angeles, California

Dear Zac,

Congratulations on finding that special person in your life. I am so happy for you both. Proposals are a very memorable moment in a woman’s life. I think a destination proposal is every girls dream. I will start with the most romantic international destinations I have been to- then end with national destinations.


Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Positano, Italy

Paris, France

Make sure to stop by the Champagne Bar inside the Eiffel Tower to celebrate.

Cartagena, Colombia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The top of Sugar Loaf is a stunning place to propose.

Or a helicopter ride through the incredible city.

Mexico City, Mexico

On the top of the Pyramids of Teotihuacan

In the United States


Napa Valley

The Big Sur

Big Bear

Lake Tahoe

Laguna Beach


Lanikai Beach


Stairway to Heaven- Oʻahu

New York

Central Park

Empire State Building